Assistance for computerised management of the training of apprentices of the sport

Director of training centers, sports associations, cells of recruitment or professionals of sport,

agifasAgifas accompanies you in your daily work.

Save your time
Agifas centralize your informations and you can find them in just a few clicks. Share your data with all actors of training of your club.

No limit for your data
You have 1 or 20 teams, you have 10 or 200 players, Agifas allows you to manage everything quickly and easily.

Do no longer search, all is just a click away.


Because you do not have all the same needs, Agifas is fully customizable.

Whether it be your tests of performance, your criteria of assessment, your types of care, the dominants of your workouts, and others, Agifas fits YOUR work.



You have the control
You have the total control over the access rights of users to the different areas of application.

You can limited the access to one or more players and/or one or more modules.

You can of course give full access to all, it is once again YOU decide.


Agifas is an ASP (Application Service Provider).
You always get the latest version and the latest enhancements.
Accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet.

Agifas is protected by the latest security technologies,
and provides flexibility for optimal use.

Agifas today exists in a version for football, for rugby and ice hockey.
It is possible to adapt it to other disciplines, no extra cost.
Please contact us.

Agifas comes in the form of 7 modules.
Each module is Independent, and you decide who can view and who can write in different parts.

screen shoot This first part allows you to list and keep plenty of informations about apprentices and staff at your center.
You find here: civil status, addresses and phone numbers of the guardian (for minors), the social and supplementary insurance details, etc.
It is in this module that are managed, contracts, wages, premiums, administrative procedures and much more.

With this module, you create files that will be used in all functions of the application.
screen shoot This second module contains essential information to evaluate the performance of your teams and your players.
You will find many statistics based on a complete database of your games, workouts, injury, cards, etc.
With simple and practical tools, coaches can create and easily manage their workouts.

Add to this, monthly or annual summaries of activities for teams or for players and still more tools to discover.
screen shoot Recruitment is the keystone of the training centers.
Through sheets of evaluations ideally designed to help you make the best decision, you will find here a powerful tool which will prove indispensable in your future choices.

Fill detailed sheets on young observed, note them with your criteria using an array of fully customizable notes.
screen shoot School is a major factor in the training of apprentices of sport.
Whether you have a private school or work with the partner institutions, you follow here the notes, timetables, sanctions etc.
Tools for filtering and comparative allow you to better help your young people in their schooling career.
screen shoot Several tools are available to manage trauma.
A database of all injuries, illnesses, care of each of your players, graphs and statistics help you in the daily monitoring of your young athletes.
The many customizable data gives you a total freedom.
Life in center
screen shoot This module was designed to help you follow life in center of your hosted.
List of hosted, room number, output management, sanctions, calendar, assessments, you'll no longer lost under tons of papers, everything is here .
You can even manage meal counts of your youth and of your staff.
screen shoot With this module you can effectively evaluate the operating costs of the center.
you centralise here the data of different modules and you can thus bring to light the budgets of each sector of your center or club.
With this module, you can view the global or individual cost of each of your residents or the budget summary of the season.
The + of Agifas.
For even greater efficiency, many parameters are available to best suit your using.

The multitude of possibilities in the management of access rights allow you a real control over the confidentiality of your data.
You can give restricted access to parents who may follow the schooling and / or performance of their offspring safely.

Access to your data is done via a secure site, it is protected by means of recent and updated frequently.

To test Agifas, click here.


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